“Our job as parents is to render ourselves obsolete.”

I was scrolling down my Facebook dashboard just now and I saw my high school guidance counselor post this quote and it got me thinking about sustainable practices.

Sustainability. I think that should always be the ultimate goal when starting anything new.

When you raise your children, after some point, you don’t want them to be dependent on you.

When your child’s taking their first steps, you might hold their hand for the first few months, but you’ll want them to start walking on their own eventually. For the first few years you’ll feed your child, but you’ll teach them how to use a fork and spoon eventually too. (I’m sure I don’t have explain potty training!)

The same is true for a startup founder.

For the first couple years of being founder for the first time is nearly identical to raising your first kid.

You’ll have countless sleepless nights.

90% of the time you have no idea what you’re doing and you’re making it up as you go along.

Someone’s always crying, and if it’s not your baby, it’s probably you crying at 3 AM.

See what I mean? Pretty comparable!

Throughout all the rough patches, you’ll try your best to raise your startup/baby to be fine on their own and to function without you holding its hand 24/7.

As a founder, your goal should be to build a sustainable system that can function without you.

Spend time working on your company, not working for your company.

There’s a fine line between self-employed and being an entrepreneur. Hire people other than yourself.

Nobody wants to have their child living in their basement at the age of 40.

Peace, Love, and Prosperity,