It’s kinda bizarre. Attraction towards elusiveness is such an innate part of human nature. People always want something they don’t have. Something out of reach. It’s just natural for people to want something they don’t have yet: Money, fame, love, happiness.

It’s all the same.

What’s even more bizarre is what people tend to do after finally taking hold of what they chased after for however long. People enjoy the novelty of having that particular thing for a brief moment, eventually put it down like an old toy, and find the next hot thing that piques their interest.

Most people don’t grow out wanting new toys to play with throughout their entire lives.

Those who do grow out of it however, uncover something really special. Thankfulness.

The greatest joy in life comes from thankfulness, being content. It’s how the non-wealthy can be happy. It’s how the “less fortunate” can be happier than the wealthy.


Above anything, thankfulness is what makes people happy. Happiness is the result of that particular mindset; to be thankful for everything. Thankful for family, friends, fortune, and life in general.

It’s easy to get caught up staring at the sky while chasing dreams. It’s easy to get caught up staring at the ground when times are tough. It’s hard to look at what’s in front of you.

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Be genuinely thankful. It’ll push you to continue moving forward when times are tough. Even if you fail, you’ll be too thankful for what you have now to shed tears for what you don’t have… yet.

Being thankful goes a long way.

Carpe diem.

Peace, Love, and Prosperity,