When you were 1, you never asked yourself “Am I ready to start walking?”

You never asked yourself “Am I ready to say ‘Mama’?”

You never asked yourself “Am I ready to drink milk from a bottle?”

You never doubted your abilities, and you tackled new things head first, never doubting yourself for a second. Every time you fell on your butt, you got right back up. Every time drool and gibberish came out of your mouth instead of “Mama”, you didn’t mind. Every time milk dripped down your chin and onto your bib, you didn’t think “Wow, maybe this isn’t for me”.

What changed?

Was it the world around us? Was it the people around us? Was it us?

As we get older, we get a taste of what failure is like, and we become scared to take risks, afraid to try new things, and it limits our growth.

In the midst of discovering new interests, we often stop, think, and hesitate to start something new.

Picking a career path. Making new friends. Moving to a new place we’ve always wanted to live in. You name it. Many people get stuck in the repetitive cycle of asking themselves “Am I ready?”, and end up never taking action. Preparation paralysis.

News Flash: You’ll never be ready.

Sometimes not being ready isn’t always a bad thing. Not being ready pushes you to be resourceful, it forces you to be a little more daring, and it catalyzes personal growth.

It’s okay to learn how to run before you walk.

It’s better than crawling for the rest of your life.

Start today!

Peace, Love, and Prosperity,