Life’s unpredictable.

In every person’s life, there’s a point in which they want to start wanting to make their own decisions. At 5, we want to choose what toys we want to play with. At 9, we want to decide what clothes we want to wear. At 13, we want to decide how often we leave the house. At 18 we want to decide what college we want to go to after high school.

I never realized how difficult making choices eventually become until I reached college. It feels as though every choice I make will impact how the rest of my life will turn out.

Whether it’s my academic major choice, dating, or my choice in friends, I constantly find myself running into the “writer’s block” equivalent of life choices. Everything feels so macro. Every choice I make feels so important- so permanent. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I think that when we make difficult choices, deep down inside, we always know what’s right for us. We just don’t always have the strength to make them.

I’m still figuring out what choices are best for me. More importantly, I’m still working on developing the strength to make those decisions.

With 2017 in our sights, let us do our best to make choices that we know deep down are best for us. Lose that friend who doesn’t make you a better person. Stop seeing that person who isn’t right for you. Make 2017 a year of growth!

Peace, Love, and Prosperity,