I never thought I’d ever find myself writing a blog post on Postmate, funny how things like this happen. My goal for this blog is to touch up on a series of things; life, business, entrepreneurship, and pretty much everything else in between. Sometimes I’ll rant, sometimes I’ll vent, sometimes I’ll put in my two cents. Ultimately, I just hope to help people. Whether I do that intentionally or unintentionally, I could only hope that by publishing my thoughts and perspectives, I can positively impact someone’s life. I haven’t always felt this way though.

For most of my life I’ve felt a sense of insecurity in writing about my personal life and publishing my thoughts for others to see. Over the years however, I’ve developed a burning desire to voice out my opinions, ideas, and experiences in hopes of somehow helping other people. I’ve decided to start a lot of new things recently; waking up at 7 AM, @entrpnr.media on Instagram, putting less sugar in my coffee (I might be getting a little crazy with this one), and a series of other smaller changes in productivity. Blogging by far will be the hardest habit to incorporate into my life, but I hope I’ll be able to consistently publish content worth reading.

Starting new things helps to widen your horizons, helps you grow as a person, and gives rise to opportunities you might have never imagined- so I encourage everyone reading this to do something new, something you’re not comfortable with yet, and see what happens. The worst that could happen is you fail, and even that’s a form of success in its own way (Shoutout to my kick-ass mother, who’s sitting across the table from me for teaching me that).

This moment marks the beginning of what I hope is something worth while, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Peace, Love, and Prosperity,