Business, Life, and Everything Else

In-Betweens Are Where the Story Is

Startup Founder = Parent?

Nobody wants to have their child living in their basement at the age of 40.

Forgetting Fortune

Being thankful goes a long way.

Dusting Off

Dusting Off

The Art of Leadership

Leadership is the art of making things possible.

Marketing 101

Think marketing isn't important? Think again.

Preparation Paralysis

Run before you walk, it's better than crawling forever.

Finding Yourself

No, it's not too late to "find yourself".

Little Wins Matter

Little wins matter. Here's why.

“What if?”

In the short 18 years of my life, if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that things hurt. Falling and scraping your knees hurts. Getting burned by oil when you’re frying something frozen (you know, when the oil gets all crazy... Continue Reading →

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